I Believe In You!

© 2001 Music/Lyrics by Nick Arandes

If you think you can't make it cause you're struggling to hard,

close your eyes and just listen to the song in your heart.

When sometimes you feel like you can't make it through,

just keep moving remembering I believe in you!

When a prayer seem unanswered there's a reason behind.

Although you may not see it, with some patience you'll find

that all of your dreams, pretty soon will come true.

just keep moving remembering I believe in you!

Empty roads may seem scary. So then why even try?

Cause you came here to share those gifts that are deep down inside.

So hold on to your vision and don't ever give in.

When in doubt just remember, there's a power within

that can move any mountains. I know this to be true.

So keep moving remembering I believe in you!

Don't get discouraged if a challenge you must face.

Always remember you can always find the way.

Believe in your greatness and you'll see what you can do.

So keep moving remembering, I believe in you!


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